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The Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving 2020

By Mikey Rox | December 8, 2020

In a year filled with more craziness than any of us ever expected, at least we have the holidays. What will they look like this year? Bright, beautiful and back to basics. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these come-on-be-happy presents hand-picked for LGBTQ+ friends and family.


Spongebob Pride Pop!

Pride celebrations were largely cancelled this year – because what wasn’t – but you can shine on anytime of year, queer, with a Funko Pop! Pride stocking stuffer in the form of verified gay-con Spongebob Squarepants. $11 |

Robot Vacuum

Yeedi’s K650 automated vacuum – boasting bigger suction, less noise, high-efficiency filtration, and made of durable anti-scratch tempered glass – lessens the Cinderell-y workload while you work from home. $220 |

Queer Agenda Card Game

Made by and for the LGBTQ+ community, the Queer Agenda card game prompts players to participate in rowdy dares and answer inappropriate questions – because you’re goddamn right it should. $25 |

We Are Beautiful Ring

There wasn’t much glitter or glam in The Year That Wasn’t, but you can change that. One-hundred percent of proceeds from Pharoun’s 22k gold, rainbow-edged We Are Beautiful cocktail ring (also available in sterling silver) will benefit civil-rights organization Southerners on New Ground. $115-$145

Embossed Rolling Pin

Imprint whimsical holiday scenes – including detailed snowflakes, trees and reindeer – onto sugar cookies, piecrusts, and even pastas from solid beech wood rolling pins that’ll give Martha a run for her baking-maven money. $35 |

Rainbow Safety Razor

Iridescent anodized zinc and brass alloy add a splash of queer panache to your Dopp kit on a safety razor – cant be too careful in Final Destination 2020 – that changes appearance depending how light hits it. Just like you, boo. $30 | http://www.

Holiday Icon Desssert Set

Set your socially distanced dessert table in style with Molly Hatch’s modern heirloom ceramic plates and mugs featuring matching icon prints of candy canes, Christmas trees, gingerbread folx, holly, ice skates, and snowflakes. $16-$18 each |

Holiday Icon Desssert Set

Taste the rainbow of a foot-high sweets tower from Dylan’s Candy Bar – including bears (gummy ones, of course), Razzmataz rainbow bites, red Australian licorice, and sour poppers (not the kind you’re used to) – packaged in striped, tiered boxes and tied with a bow. $50 |

Heated Towel Rack

Spas and bathhouses were but a memory this year, but you can bask in hot hugs from the comfort of your own home. This heated towel rack keeps your fluffy terrys dry and 90 percent more hygienic between washes – an appreciated feature during a Covid-19 Christmas. $500+ |

Therapeutic Journal

Stressed? Join the club – if clubs were a thing right now. Until then, try the Write Here & Tear therapeutic journal, which encourages users to jot down their troubles then tear ’em up. Journaling and paper tearing have proven results, too, with 55 percent of survey respondents reporting relief, and another 35 percent relaxation. $20+ |

Evil Eye Earrings

Fourteen-karat-gold evil-eye earrings encrusted with .08 carats of diamonds will provide cheeky edge to a New Year’s Eve look that’s not lookin’ back. 2021 or bust, baby! $260+ |

Pot for Pot Kit

Pot for Pot DIY cannabis growing kits produce up to eight ounces of ganj in 80 days so you can turn your kitchen, patio or desk with natural or artificial light into a money-saving personal dispensary. Ships to all 50 states – and states of mind. $100 |

# Fake Facts Game

No, this card game isn’t based on Donald Trump’s presidency – not entirely, at least – but it will provide hours of fun trying to identify and fools others with bizarre, surprising, and unpredictable trivia.

Easy to play virtually over Zoom, too. $15 |


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