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Meet Carnal Plus

Exclusive Eddie Patrick

By TomOlah

TOM OLAH: You’ve been in the bizfor nine months – In less thannone months in the biz, your popularity has skyrocketed fast…What’s it like getting so much

attention from fans fast?

EDDIE PATRICK: It’s been the mostfun I’ve ever had. The attention fromthe fans has blown my mind and isby far my favorite part of the work. Itblows my mind every time I get anew subscriber – like people reallybuy my stuff. Wow.I’ve been recognized a couple

times by fans in public now and itabsolutely feels surreal. It’s been themost surprising part and I feel the

most fulfilled when I get nicemessages and comments frompeople saying how much they love

my videos. The fans are everything. Iwouldn’t be doing this interview

without them.

TO: What did you do beforeyou were in the adult biz?

EP: Before I did porn, I wasperforming as an aerialist in thecircus mostly. I had a duet in the air

where I would throw a girl around.Everyone always thought my partnerand I were married and in love, whenactually we were both gay. I workedon cruise ships, nightclubs, traveling tent shows… I traveled the worldand met so many people. It was definitely my calling for a long timeand I am still passionate about it, butporn is calling a little louder to me

right now.

TO: How did you survive thepandemic?

EP: Well, I unfortunately onlyqualified for $14 usd in

unemployment a week. I had just moved back to the country and my

income from the quarter theysampled was so low because I had

only worked a couple weeks. So Ihad to figure out what to do.

Obviously there wasn’t anycircus that was open, but I already

knew how to sew from making myown costumes. So I started selling

just swimsuits at first and it reallyjust took off. It was the first

time I really felt in control of my own income. I loved

how much the pandemicforced me to change in theend. I eventually burnt out

because I was at thosesewing machines for solong… sometimes 12-hour

days of just sewing.

TO: Do you still sew

at all?

EP: I sew all the time!I’ve been trying to justhave fun and make stuff formyself and my friends

lately. I definitely want torebrand and start sellingagain – hopefully this year.

TO: How did you get into porn?

EP: Well, after I got burnt outsewing I started auditioning againand got a job performing at a resort.

There was another guy in the show who had an onlyfans, and I hadalways been curious about it. So I

did. I went home to Vegas the nextweek and it happened to be theGayVN Awards in town, so I ended

up doing filming some amazingvideos with the hot guys that were intown. One of my videos got LegrandWolf’s attention and before I knew it I was on set doing porn! It allhappened really really quickly.

TO: What do you think makesyou different from other creators? You’ve grown so quickly – what’syour secret?

E.P: First, I think it helps that I’mgenuinely horny as hell and Ilove sex, and I love sharing that

with everyone. But also a huge partof my success has been the supportI get from my Carnal+ family. Havinga community in the work I do is soimportant. We get to bounce ideasoff of each other and grow together. I love when I film something crazy hot and I get to run and share it with mybrothers. Legrand and the wholeteam really make sure we are takencare of.

TO: Now we have a very personalquestion. How did you learn to

fuck yourself?

EP: I was just a horny teenager witha dream. And I finally was home

alone [laughs]. It didn’t work the firstcouple times but I remember when Ifinally got it in. It was cosmic. Andthe first time I came in myselfchanged everything. I think mywhole outlook on life fundamentallyshifted after that moment. The funnything is I could suck my own dickbefore that. But after I learned toself-fuck, I totally even forgot aboutself-sucking and lost the flexibility.

I think more guys could fuckthemselves if they just tried a coupletimes. Maybe I should make a


TO. Do you watch porn yourself?

EP: Yes. I really believe it helps somuch to be a fan of porn. And to befrank, I think it helps that I’ve

watched so much porn that I’m alittle bored of it. It pushes me to becreative and I always find myself

making something a little differentwith my scene partners. I feel likeEddie is perfect for the person who

is bored of the same porn over andover but not necessarily looking for anything hardcore either. I love being surprised when I watch porn, and I always try and keep that in mind when I’m on set and/or creating content.

TO: What’s it like being aCarnalPlus Exclusive and how has

it helped you grow?

EP: It really just feels like I get tomake movies with my hot friends. Imean, come on, we’re in a new cityall the time! From filming for CumDump Sluts in Los Angeles to

making a movie for ScoutBoys inthe mountains of Spain. And all the

while, the company is encouragingus all to make content for our

OnlyFans. The studio work is greatbut I feel like it’s even more valuable

to be around trusted, tested, seriouscreators all the time.

TO: What is your favorite part

about being an adult performer?

EP: Sharing what I do with the fans. Being able to capture beautiful rawcandid moments with my partnersand then sharing it with the worldhas been absolutely therapeutic. As someone who is hypersexual and somewhat of an exhibitionist, I feel like I’ve been training my whole life

for this career. I wish I’d started sooner.

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